Rafferty Global Logistics: About Us

Rafferty Global Logistics is a third-party logistics company covering FTL, LTL, and intermodal shipping services.

Karen Rafferty (CEO/Owner) and Dan Rafferty (President) have both been in the transportation & logistics business since the mid-1980s, covering all aspects of the industry. Dan, the son of a truck driver, founded Rafferty Global Logistics, LLC in 2007 after the sale of a previous business. Karen, who also has a storied family history in transportation, came on as majority member in 2011. Having Karen at the helm has guided RGL to where it is today and paved the way for a bright future.

From Ohio to Texas and Beyond

While our roots lie in Akron, OH, Rafferty Global Logistics is based in Houston, Texas, and we partner with carriers across the United States. We have contacts and capacity throughout the country, with key service areas including:

  • The Midwestern states to the Southwest and Southeast
  • The Southwest states to the Southeast, Midwest, and West Coast
  • Up and down the West Coast (i.e., California, Oregon, Washington)
  • All of Texas and Louisiana

In addition to our main office in Houston, we have team members located in Georgia and Ohio.

What's With the "Global" Part of the Name?

When we put “Global” in our name, we intended to offer international logistics services as part of the global economy. But sometimes it’s best to stick with what you’re good at, so we’ve focused on domestic logistics as the years have gone by. The “Global” part stuck, though.

Also, we have partners who allow us to price freight between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada through USMCA, and we offer drayage services at most major U.S. ports.

People Who Keep You Moving

The driving force behind everything we do is our people – and yours. We put people first, business and technology second. Throughout their careers, Dan and Karen have both prioritized relationships above all else – relationships with team members, customers, carriers, partners, and anyone they come across. They’re proud to have many associates that they now simply call friends. In the fast-moving world of logistics, that personal touch is how RGL stands out.

Technology is undoubtedly an important part of our business, but we feel it is imperative that tech only serves to assist the people who drive our company and move our freight.

We Move Freight. What Do You Do?

When others in our industry turn their backs on the nuts and bolts of transportation, becoming pseudo-tech companies in the process, we stick to what we know: We move freight.

It’s a simple statement, but it keeps us focused on our goal. Our experience and expertise are in FTL and intermodal, but we’re always looking to expand where it makes sense. That’s why, as of 2023, we’ve gotten into LTL, too.

When we ask, “What do you do?” we’re asking our peers if they’ve lost sight of the industry’s core. But we’re also inviting potential customers to tell us what they know.

We love meeting people from all walks of life in all kinds of different industries – and learning their businesses inside and out once we partner up. We’ve worked with a lot of folks in the synthetic rubber industry, but we’re always excited to branch out. Give us a call and tell us about your business’ supply chain issues. We’d love to talk and see how we can help.

Ready to Talk? Reach Out to Rafferty Global Logistics Now.

If you’re looking for a 3PL broker who can move your freight across the country, we’re ready to get to know you. Contact Rafferty Global Logistics to learn more about us and what we do. We’ll do our best to help you calm the chaos in your supply chain.